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What our community in Barauli has to offer

Situated on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park, Barauli offers not only world-class wildlife watching but a glimpse into the indigenous Tharu Culuture
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The Community Homestay empowers local women, creates jobs and improves living standards by providing solar panels and trainings.

Jeevan Mahato - Your Host

Mrs and Mr Mahato are an experienced and caring couple who live close to Barauli Community Homestay. The homestay itself is located in a quiet, traditional, and residential area with plenty of farms to watch till the horizon and enjoy the life of local people.
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What's Included

Nepali hospitality is all about making our guests feel welcome, special, and comfortable. We always try to ensure our guests have everything for a good night sleep.

Base Price - US $39.00

First Aid Kit
Western toilet
Hot Shower
Bathroom with shower
Family/Kid friendly
Iron on request
    It's very easy to get there.

    It's 207 km away from Kathmandu

    • By Airplane - 20 mins + 1.5 hr drive

    • By Motorcycle - 4 hrs. 30 min

    • By Bus - 5 hrs

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Community Homestay Network offers an authentic experience to travelers seeking to get to know local people, place, and culture. The homestays provide independent incomes for women, cross-cultural connections, opportunities to learn and a memorable travel experience.

Base Price - US $39.00


Bengal Tigers, Wild Elephants and One-Horned Rhinos have been roaming the grasslands of Bardiya National Park for centuries, living side by side with the indigenous Tharu people Next Community