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Bardiya National Park offers some of the best wildlife watching on the continent. See endangered animals in their natural habitat and immerse yourself in the Tharu Culture
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The Community Homestay Network in Ilam is dedicated to promoting gender equality and improving living standards through sustainable efforts.

Renuka Bhattarai - Your Host

Nature was always there, but we [naive villagers] would care very less about preserving the nature. Homestay project encouraged us to volunteer to preserve our precious nature when we started to greet guests, coming as far away from seven oceans to see our pristine nature and just to spend a day with us. We [villagers] are moved and encouraged.
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Nepali hospitality is all about making our guests feel welcome, special, and comfortable. We always try to ensure our guests have everything for a good night sleep.

Base Price - US $22.00

First Aid Kit
Family/kid friendly
Iron on Request
It's very easy to get there.

It's 546 km away from Kathmandu

  • By Airplane - 45 mins + 3 hr drive

  • By Bus - 14 hrs

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Community Homestay Network offers an authentic experience to travelers seeking to get to know local people, place, and culture. The homestays provide independent incomes for women, cross-cultural connections, opportunities to learn and a memorable travel experience.

Base Price - US $22.00


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