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Surrounded by the mountains of the Annapurna Range, Lupra is a 1,200 year old village inhabited by the Bon people
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Impact on

By creating economic opportunities, the Community Homestay promotes gender equality and improves living standards.

Gol Bahadur Gurung - Your Host

Because of our beautiful, but the complicated landscape, we [people from the mountain region] feel less developed. However, the community homestay project has developed job opportunities helping us to improve our economic condition and also connecting us with the people from all around the world.
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What's Included

Nepali hospitality is all about making our guests feel welcome, special, and comfortable. We always try to ensure our guests have everything for a good night sleep.

Base Price - US $22.00

First Aid Kit
Family/Kid friendly
It's very easy to get there.

It's 359 km away from Kathmandu

  • By Jeep from Pokhara - 9 hrs

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Community Homestay Network offers an authentic experience to travelers seeking to get to know local people, place, and culture. The homestays provide independent incomes for women, cross-cultural connections, opportunities to learn and a memorable travel experience.

Base Price - US $22.00


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