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Tansen is a historical town nestled among the Shreenagar Hills. The town is known for its artisan handicrafts and beautiful historical buildings.
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8368  people from over 35 countries have stayed with our communities and this is what some of them have to say about their experience

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The Community Homestay empowers women – they run the entire program.

Dhaneswor Basyal - Your Host

We are proud that our Homestays have been able to attract hundreds of tourists till now. We are happy that our culture and way of living is being popular all around the world.
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What's Included

Nepali hospitality is all about making our guests feel welcome, special, and comfortable. We always try to ensure our guests have everything for a good night sleep.

Base Price - US $26.00

First Aid Kit
Hot Shower
Family/Kid friendly
Iron on request
It's very easy to get there.

It's 319 km away from Kathmandu

  • By Airplane - 30 mins + 3 hr drive

  • By Bus - 8 hrs. 20 min

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Community Homestay Network offers an authentic experience to travelers seeking to get to know local people, place, and culture. The homestays provide independent incomes for women, cross-cultural connections, opportunities to learn and a memorable travel experience.

Base Price - US $26.00


Panauti offers a nostalgic spirit of a Nepalese medieval town as the town continues its culture, tradition, and prestige as the way it was first built in the 13th century Next Community